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Our Patients Love Their Results!



Much of the edema swelling in my feet has diminished, numbness lessened and my balance has improved.   I am able to walk a mile every day whereas I could not walk prior to treatment because of my balance problem.  I even was able to go to the Tennis tournament and climb up the bleachers, which would have been impossible prior to treatment.




Martin M.   



15 Years of Lower back pain and neck discomfort.  Eventually diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and cervical spine.  Doctors prescribed Celebrex & Lyrica for the pain, but they don't take it a step further to discover the cause and find a treatment.  It gets to the point that you just accept that you have to live with  " a Bad Back" and so you stop many activities and limit your life style.

Dr. Siegel went over the cause and set up a treatment plan. His manipulation of my spine have given me my life back!  Being pain- free and able to move normally WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION!

"My Hallelujah  Moment !" When I was shopping and realized I could pick up a  40 pack of bottled water without pain.  I was amazed at my recovery.


Mary M.  



For 15 years I suffered from stabbing pains, numbness and other abnormal sensations. I suffered from the feeling of insects crawling on my feet & calves. I felt like long 10 penny-nails were being hammered into both my toes & feet. 


I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. 


Trying to solve the problem was full of anger and hopelessness! Doctors were unable to diagnose my condition for years. Dr. Siegel took the time to actually listen! He explained what was going on in my body and how his treatments would progress. He offers compassion and care with every visit. With the treatments, I no longer suffer this pain!


Finally, I am able to feel my socks inside my sneakers again! This may not seem like a big deal. To someone who suffers from Neuropathy, it is. Your socks feel like clumped up balls under your your feet. Walking was painful. Now, this normal sensation is the sun bursting through the clouds - a beautiful day! 


I now live with less pain. I am less tired and able to move much better. I am continuing therapy and am anticipating on being 100% pain-free soon! 


Mary M.  



The Best Chiropractor! He gives you a real adjustment. Great personality and knowledgeable. All of my friends and family adore him! Thank goodness he is close by!


Tiffany S.  



Dr. Wayne Seigel is by far one of the best chiropractors in town!!! I'm a believer now of chiropractic service and can no longer love without it. 

I was introduced to them several years ago after a pretty bad accident and me not believing in chiropractic therapy thought ehhh. Thought the pain got so unbearable that's needed to try it out and wow!!! One should not expect to get better over night but with a couple of sessions you will begin to notice the difference in your well being!

If it wasn't for them honestly I would have probably had surgery on not only my lower back but also my knee which was also bad! I will always thank Dr. Wayne Seigel for doing what he does best with those magic hands of his!!! A+ class place, professional and you will always leave this place feeling better!


Omar S.  



A few years ago, I bent over to pick out a shirt from the drawer, sneezed and threw my back out. In the mornings, it would take me 10-15 minutes to put my right foot down. After a few days, I called Dr. Siegel. He had me come in a few times a week for a month and Dr. Siegel was able to help me recover. I continue to see Dr. Siegel on a weekly basis just to keep my body moving freely and out of pain. If you need a doctor that will care about you as a person and not as a number then go see Dr. Siegel. If you want someone who is very in tune with the body and what is going on and how to fix it, then go to see Dr. Siegel.


Michelle D.  



I highly recommend Siegel Chiropractic. I've been getting Chiropractic care for years and by far Dr. Siegel is the very best. He takes his time with adjustments and he is very good at picking out all the problem areas. I've been receiving care from Dr. Siegel for two weeks now and I feel like new! Plus they have a great office staff! Thank you so much!!!!


Jenna O.  

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Dr. Siegel is just the best. He really did everything above and beyond to help me get better. I truly recommend Dr. Siegel!


Christina B.  


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