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Pain, Numbness & Tingling

Going Down the Legs

Sciatica Treatment in Delray Beach, Florida

Sciatica is the result of damage to the sciatic nerves often causing weakness, pain, numbness, tingling going down one or both legs.  This damage is commonly caused by compression of the sciatic nerve in the lower back.


As you can see in the illustration, the nerves become damaged in the lower spine.  The nerve compression causes sciatic nerve damage, leg pain, weakness, tingling, and numbness.



Siegel Chiropractic Center offers you hope without taking those endless drugs, injections or having surgery.  

The main problem is that your doctor may have told you to just live with the problem, try drugs, injections or surgery, which may not help.

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The amount of sciatica treatment needed to allow the sciatic nerves to recover varies from person to person and can only be determined after a detailed neurological and orthopedic evaluation.  Your condition may be helped.

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In Order to effectively treat your sciatica 

three factors must be determined.


1. What is the underlying cause?


2. How Much Sciatic Nerve Damage Has Been Sustained?

    NOTE: Once you have sustained reflex loss and muscle weakness,

     there is nothing that we can do for you.


3. How much sciatica treatment will your condition require? 

The Sciatica Treatment provided at

Siegel Chiropractic Center in Delray Beach, FL

has three main goals; 

1. Decompress the Sciatic Nerve

2. Heal the damaged sciatic nerve

3. Decrease pain

4. Get you back to being your best!

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